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Drivetrain: "Noise"
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When the 4hi button is pushed, both 4hi and 4lo lights flash as if the system can't make up its mind. Then when the 4lo button is pushed it will engage...more

GM is saying that this jerking is a normal function for the hybrid system. I personally think they are nuts! It is so bad that if anyone test drove it I guarantee...more

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When I let off the accelerator at low speeds (10-20mph) and coast, and then apply the throttle, there is a clunking noise from the limited slip differential...more

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For an extended time (four or five years) I have been attempting to eliminate a drive line "clunk" from this vehicle. This is most often felt after coming to a stop...more

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A clunk developed when accelerating from a dead stop. The dealer then took the driveline apart and lubricated the slip yoke with lithium grease...more

Either a Mazda or a ZF 5-speed standard gearbox. If you didn't hear any grinding, grunting or loud clunks from the transmission before or during the loss of 1st and 2nd...more

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You're looking at about two hours shop-time for one side at approximately $65 per hour, which means about $130 in labor. Then we tack on around $70 for the inner...more

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I made the mistake of not driving it before buying. It has the Ford Crown Vic accelerator pedal problem all over again. The Jag mechanic told me it was the differential...more

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Few problems in the past. When I'm accelerating and coming out of a turn at the same time, I hear a loud, steady, clicking sound from the front-end...more

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I started noticing a really strange noise. Usually I can hear it between 40 and 50 mph but only while I'm on a curve to the left. When the car is going straight or to the right, the noise is gone...more

Vehicle has been great. I have noticed that once in awhile while at a stop the car seems like it jumps and there is a clunk noise also, what could this be?...more

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