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Just had its third transmission installed. The car has 60,000, mostly highway miles. Is this more likely to be a car problem or a daughter problem?...more

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New transmission filter and fluid change seemed to do the trick, but now at 58,000 miles the problem has returned. What gives?...more

You should start by adding some fresh gasoline to dilute the old stuff currently in the tank, along with the addition of a bottle of fuel treatment. Then change the oil and filter...more

They recommend a refurbished transmission for $3200. Prior to any of the preventative maintenance, the truck ran great, no symptoms of any kind...more

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My son bought an '89 Ford Probe last year. It has 94,000 miles and a 5 speed manual transmission. We don't know if the transmission fluid has ever been changed...more

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Transmission failed after about 35,000 miles, and then the second transmission failed after about 59,000 miles. I saw in Consumer Reports that Nissan Pathfinders...more

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Flush the transmission now, or wait? Some local "experts" recommend a flush every 35,000 miles. Is it really necessary to flush that frequently?...more

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Standard procedure does not change all the fluid, but the engineers have believed for a long time that servicing at the recommended schedule will maintain a ratio of new-to-old fluid...more

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