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Drivetrain: "Driveline"
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When I let off the accelerator at low speeds (10-20mph) and coast, and then apply the throttle, there is a clunking noise from the limited slip differential...more

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For an extended time (four or five years) I have been attempting to eliminate a drive line "clunk" from this vehicle. This is most often felt after coming to a stop...more

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Annoying vibration between 45 and 55 MPH. Symptoms are a lot like bad U-joints, but the U-joints are fine and the truck only has 4000 miles on it...more

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All of a sudden giving me a front end vibration problem that is at it's worst right at about 70MPH, less so 3-4 MPH either side of that...more

A clunk developed when accelerating from a dead stop. The dealer then took the driveline apart and lubricated the slip yoke with lithium grease...more

There's a vibration problem that feels like it starts in the front of the vehicle. I've had the wheels balanced but it didn't help. The main problem is...more

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Vehicle has been great. I have noticed that once in awhile while at a stop the car seems like it jumps and there is a clunk noise also, what could this be?...more

The car seemed to be confused as to what gear to go into when going down hills. Could this be caused by the loose motor mount, or is something going in the transmission?...more

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