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Drivetrain: "Drive Axle"
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Tires will rotate, but the vehicle will not move. The engine starts up fine. We noticed a puddle underneath her car that looks like oil after we had it towed home...more

For an extended time (four or five years) I have been attempting to eliminate a drive line "clunk" from this vehicle. This is most often felt after coming to a stop...more

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Strikes me as odd is that the new IWE solenoid has a rain guard over it. Seems to me that when they have a problem like this it should be considered for a recall...more

Sold my 5th wheel and would like to keep the truck. I would like to replace the 4:10 gearing with 3:55 gears, or even 3:31/3:15 gears if doable/workable...more

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I drive a '97 Ford F-150 pickup and it supposedly is a half-ton truck. What exactly is the half ton we're referring to and what exactly does the 150 stand for?...more

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I made the mistake of not driving it before buying. It has the Ford Crown Vic accelerator pedal problem all over again. The Jag mechanic told me it was the differential...more

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Few problems in the past. When I'm accelerating and coming out of a turn at the same time, I hear a loud, steady, clicking sound from the front-end...more

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