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Brakes: "Brake Pads, Shoes (Linings)"
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Regal with 53,000 miles. Lately, when coming to a stop, I can feel the brake pedal moving up and down under my foot. It feels really weird...more

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The brake pedal travel is too great before actual stopping begins. The truck has 65,000 miles, and it has new brakes on all wheels...more

After a close inspection I really didn't need to replace anything, but I did anyway and everything looked to be fine. After a few days the problem had not repeated itself...more

Recheck the math. Lets say you did better than suggested and got about 12,000 miles out of each set of pads, and you're on the third set going on a forth...more

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Cannot find anything from computer chips to exhaust systems for my application. I cannot even find better stopping brake pads front and rear! I was wondering if this van shares anything...more

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As far as brakes go, it doesn't get any easier than this. If you are currently not getting any chatter or pulsation when applying the brakes, you can get away with...more

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I hear it from the rear mostly when going over a bumpy grade. But the noise goes away as you apply the brakes. It also goes away when you gently apply the hand brake...more

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Explained to me how to use the heater controls. He said, keeping the A/C on during the winter will give me plenty of heat and also helps my air conditioner last a long time...more

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Civic required replacement of the front brakes at only 12,000 miles, and again at about 23,000. I thought that the brakes wearing out so quickly would indicate a mechanical...more

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sometimes when I hit the brakes hard the rear of the car skids sideways. The brakes are fairly new and the repair shop that installed them can't find a problem. Any ideas...more

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