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Body Mechanical: "Fuel Tank"
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This sleeve is supposed to be tight, yet it is loose, and I am trying to find a sealant that I can use to apply around the sleeve to make it tight. Almost all of the sealants...more

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Fuse, relay, a circuit breaker or whatever on a 1990 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter fuel-injected engine? Also, is it possible to get to the fuel pump, which is in the gas tank...more

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Can't seem to get to the fuel filters that are located in the gas tank. I have dropped every bolt that supports the tank...more

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I am experiencing is when I switch from the front to the back tank, the gauge switches to indicate a full tank like it should, but within a few miles the gauge...more

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Bought a new (aftermarket) fuel filler hose off eBay ($68). A mechanic put it on and now I can't get gas to enter from the pumps...more

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Home » ShopTalk » Auto Repair Topics » Body Mechanical: Fuel Tank
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