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Body Electrical: "Instrument Panel"
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Little arrow on the dash stays lit solid and doesn't blink when making a turn. I haven't had a chance to get the car into the shop until today...more

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Needle would fall well below the dial's 100 degree mark, and only come up to about 150 or 160 when driving. I might add that this is the only gauge in the cluster...more

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Ford Mustang. I've always noticed that the voltmeter on the dash stays at about 13 volts until I turn on the headlights. Then it dips way down to less than eleven volts...more

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He told me to drive the car for about a week or to flush out the air from the system. I don't know the mechanic well. I did put in a coolant system sealer just in case....more

Over the past several months the oil pressure reading on the oil pressure gauge has gotten very low at idle, almost "0". I brought it to my mechanic and he said it needed a new oil pump...more

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If the speed sensor goes bad then the speedometer and the cruise control shouldn't function. My car has the 3.8L V6 and an automatic transmission...more

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Speedometers aren't mechanically simple like in the past, where all you had to do was replace the speedometer cable, or maybe the little plastic gear in the transmission...more

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It's a wonderful, reliable car that I have had very few problems with since I bought it new. Over the past year my alternator light has been coming on...more

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The orange oil change reminder light stays on following an oil change on a '93 Toyota Previa. How do you turn off the warning light? Where is the reset button hidden?...more

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