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My '91 Buick Skylark. It keeps blowing the interior light's fuse. I've taken the car to my mechanic four times now, and he can't find the problem...more

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When I let go of the steering wheel on a straight road it pulls significantly to the left. After checking the air pressure and then having the tires rotated, there was no change...more

Just had its third transmission installed. The car has 60,000, mostly highway miles. Is this more likely to be a car problem or a daughter problem?...more

Replacement of the intake manifold is a premature decision, unless it was a known common failure to this particular engine, which it's not. Yes, the intake manifold...more

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The mechanic told me I needed a new oil pan because the drain plug hole was stripped from over-tightening. The thing is, these people are the only ones who have ever changed my oil...more

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Getting ready for its fourth valve adjustment. I'm wondering if all this money I have been spending is necessary and what happens when the valves aren't adjusted every 15,000 miles?...more

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Mechanic said the pressures were within specifications. I've had this car for a long time and I know it was running much colder until recently...more

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The big drawback is the people working on your car. Let's face it. They're either kids or unskilled laborers the majority of the time. Although some shops do have a qualified...more

I didn't really trust him so I declined to have them replaced. The mechanic responded by telling me that it could get dangerous if one breaks. Should I worry...more

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My mechanic has told me it was an oil leak, maybe from the oil pan. He changed the oil pan gasket but it only stopped for a week or so. They have changed almost every seal but I still have this leak...more

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