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1988 S-10 Chevy Pickup is rusted out. The manual says that the engine must be pulled to replace it. Looks like it may be possible to do it with the engine still in...more

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I have spoken to the people at my local Chevrolet dealership along with an independent parts store and nobody has ever heard of a diesel engine in a '85 S-10 pickup...more

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The owner's manual for both it states that if you move the radio from one vehicle to another, it will not work, as the radio learns the VIN of the wrong vehicle...more

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Yes, there is an adjustable Throttle Pressure Cable that will affect the transmission's shift timing and feel. It can be adjusted to confirm it's at the manufacturer's...more

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Bought a service manual in an attempt to fix a problem with my '88 Toyota 4x4 pickup with the V6. I need help finding the location of the computer...more

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