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The coolant fans do not come on as fast as they should, and the temperature gauge creeps into the overheat range. I changed the temperature sensor, the relays and fuses...more

The techs at the dealership need an hour labor time to remove the door panel and diagnose the problem. This way if they pull the door apart, find the problem, but you...more

We tried a fuel regulator, cam sensor, coil pack and an ignition module from another running 2.3-liter. And we also changed the crank sensor. Do you have any suggestions?...more

Since the beginning of winter the horn has been going off all by itself when it gets really cold out. I would have to send my son out to remove the fuse...more

The vehicles involved are 1992-'93 Buick Skylarks, Oldsmobile Achievas, and Pontiac Grand Ams with the Single Over Head Cam 2.3-liter four cylinder (VIN Code 3)...more

Quad-4 engines. Now, the engine runs rough when I'm sitting at a stop light idling, but it's OK once I'm moving, and the problem seems to disappear...more

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