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There are several different manufacturers that produce items for this same basic purpose. That is to break the connection to the vehicle's battery when battery voltage...more

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BMW is a German company which manufactures high-end luxury/sport automobiles. They excel in good performance and precise handling while maintaining high levels of comfort...more

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I see reports on the latest crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The last one I saw, testing small cars, they showed interviews with several automotive manufacturer...more

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While using my cruise control, I slow down and stop at a light. Is it hard on the engine to use the resume button to bring the car back up to speed and would it be better...more

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Yes, if you are going to idle for more than a few seconds, go ahead and put the transmission in neutral and release the clutch. This will rest the clutch plate...more

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The trouble is, when he drives those narrow mountain roads, he keeps the automatic transmission in overdrive and rides the brake with his foot....more

We own a motor home with dual rear wheels, and my argument is the fact that it has four wheels driving it just like a four-wheel drive truck...more

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When it comes to diesel trucks, like the Ford Super Duty, the fuel economy information for these trucks is not available...more

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Heard something from a friend that I just don't buy. He says that a car will get better gas mileage with the windows up and the air conditioning on instead of...more

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Does it mean the bearings in question are the primary support bearings, as opposed to the secondary support bearings?...more

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