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I've been having all kinds of problems, and recently had a garage check it for trouble codes. They came up with a 36, 62, 65, 78, and a 99. What do these codes mean?...more

Interior lights stay on after closing the driver's door. I can tell the problem is with the switch in the side of the dash. It isn't getting pushed in far enough...more

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Interior Lights | Wiring/Circuits

It has started having idling issues. It will start normally and run fine, then the next time I start it, it will not start unless I press the accelerator. When I have to start it...more

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Won't Start | Stalls

I want to change it from a field truck to a road truck. It hasn't been above 15 mph for about six years and I plan on putting it back on the highway doing 60 mph plus. Right now the engine seems...more

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Lack of Power | Maintenance

Finishing the job by bleeding the brakes at all four wheels. There was no problem in the front, but when I tried bleeding the rears...more

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