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'05 Taurus with about 30,000 miles has a problem with extended starter cranking in the morning. Idle also seems rough and engine speed varies 75 RPM on the tachometer...more

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This Safety Recall will include approximately 6,000 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable models. The problem involves a "retainer clip" which was not properly installed at the factory...more

I brought it into the dealership service department. They told me the reason the light came on was because the gas cap wasn't tightened...more

Ford Taurus question on what mileage to replace an engine's timing chain, as opposed to a timing belt that's part of the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule...more

Explained to me how to use the heater controls. He said, keeping the A/C on during the winter will give me plenty of heat and also helps my air conditioner last a long time...more

The activation of the cruise control servo is actually controlled by the ECA (Engine Control Assembly) which uses various inputs to control vehicle speed. The ECA is the...more

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