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They recommend a refurbished transmission for $3200. Prior to any of the preventative maintenance, the truck ran great, no symptoms of any kind...more

We were curious about the benefits of an auxiliary transmission. She's toying with the idea of reducing the wheel size (currently stock 22s)...more

Strikes me as odd is that the new IWE solenoid has a rain guard over it. Seems to me that when they have a problem like this it should be considered for a recall...more

Sold my 5th wheel and would like to keep the truck. I would like to replace the 4:10 gearing with 3:55 gears, or even 3:31/3:15 gears if doable/workable...more

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F-150 4X4 with a 4.6L V8. The engine has a moan at low rpm. Ford has done a few things to it, but nothing helped. I understand they all do it, but it is very irritating...more

Triton line of engines. Ford has yet to find out what the problem is after eight months. My dealer mechanic was guessing piston slap. The knock goes away a few seconds...more

I drive a '97 Ford F-150 pickup and it supposedly is a half-ton truck. What exactly is the half ton we're referring to and what exactly does the 150 stand for?...more

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Problem with the transmission. It was rebuilt under warranty about 16 months ago at a Ford dealership because of a shifting problem from 1st to 2nd gear...more

Is it pressed on? How do I remove it? Is a used part from a wrecking yard an option? And if so what other years will work on my '93?...more

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A clunk developed when accelerating from a dead stop. The dealer then took the driveline apart and lubricated the slip yoke with lithium grease...more

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