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GM is saying that this jerking is a normal function for the hybrid system. I personally think they are nuts! It is so bad that if anyone test drove it I guarantee...more

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Recheck the math. Lets say you did better than suggested and got about 12,000 miles out of each set of pads, and you're on the third set going on a forth...more

GM has replaced the electronic control module and updated a program. It seems to happen most often when I hit bumps, especially wash boarded gravel...more

No Diagnostic Trouble Code was stored in the Engine Control Module's memory, that narrows things down quite a bit...more

The owner's manual for both it states that if you move the radio from one vehicle to another, it will not work, as the radio learns the VIN of the wrong vehicle...more

Double check your owner's manual for the towing capacity numbers. Looking at 2009 figures, there's about a 2,900 lb difference in towing capacities between the same...more

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I got pulled over because my brake lights weren't working. Anyway, after tinkering around trying to figure out what was wrong, I realized that everything works perfectly...more

Whining noise out of the power steering pump on a Chevy Silverado; fluid is OK, but when turning the wheel there's like no power steering at all until the RPM increases...more

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I had a machine plugged in and it didn't show any codes, but shows an intermittent miss on 2 to 3 cylinders at low speeds. I think I have a miss at 55-60 mph or so...more

Since I'm an electrician not a mechanic I figured I might be able to troubleshoot the problem. All fuses seemed to be ok by sight and checked good with my meter...more

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