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Since then my check engine light has gone off. I still would like to replace the sensor myself, so how would I do that right, or should I take it in to be done instead?...more

Tires will rotate, but the vehicle will not move. The engine starts up fine. We noticed a puddle underneath her car that looks like oil after we had it towed home...more

After a close inspection I really didn't need to replace anything, but I did anyway and everything looked to be fine. After a few days the problem had not repeated itself...more

We checked the bulbs but can't find out what is wrong. We were trying to find where the flasher unit was, but we cannot locate it. We can't find it near the fuse box...more

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Maybe you shouldn't be attempting the cylinder head job if you don't have a significant amount of automotive experience. Coolant coming out of the evaporator...more

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