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Something starter/charging system related. If you mean the engine cranks over but won't start, it gets more complicated and requires further testing...more

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was wondering if there is any way to reduce the amount of body roll that occurs when turning a corner. Are there any drawbacks to the fix (if there is one)?...more

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When the 4hi button is pushed, both 4hi and 4lo lights flash as if the system can't make up its mind. Then when the 4lo button is pushed it will engage...more

The brake pedal travel is too great before actual stopping begins. The truck has 65,000 miles, and it has new brakes on all wheels...more

A/C delays up to 10 minutes before the blower will work. None of the fan speeds will blow. After this delay it starts blowing normally. This only happens about half the time...more

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When I let go of the steering wheel on a straight road it pulls significantly to the left. After checking the air pressure and then having the tires rotated, there was no change...more

"Service engine soon" light comes on when driving. My service manual tells me there's an "ACLR module" from which I can jump A to B to receive a code isolating the problem...more

Runs rough under certain conditions; always below 45 degrees and usually after a rain. There's no problem in warm weather, could be carburetor icing...more

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