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Price-of-Gas Roller Coaster


Today’s economic mess has pushed the price-per-gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel to new heights. Why? Financial experts can’t agree for sure. But we know our dependence on foreign petroleum leaves us at the beck and call of the exporters.


Domestic oil companies share the blame, along with consumers who have to drive the biggest and thirstiest vehicles on the market. American automaker's failure to meet the federal government’s fuel economy and emissions regulations in past decades is coming back to haunt us.

While we await the catch-up phase in hybrid, fuel cell and alternative fuel technologies to ease the burden, it’s good practice to stay up to date on global events affecting the price of fuel, do our best to conserve energy and shop for the lowest cost fuel available.


The Energy Information Administration branch of the U.S. Department of Energy is a good source of real-time national fuel cost averages plus updates on news and statistics affecting our country's energy sources.


Search for the lowest priced gas in your area. Every bit helps.


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