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Shift Mechanism 1984 Silver Spur won't go into low

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Shift Mechanism 1984 Silver Spur won't go into low

The shift lever will not shift into the either of the 2 low positions because the contact pin has dropped causing the pin to hit the frame.  The pin is slotted at the top implying a screw type adjustment but when I turn the pin it just spins.  It does not seem to move up and down and I do not want to force it or pull too hard on it without knowing what is going on.  Any ideas?



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Re: Shift Mechanism 1984 Silver Spur won't go into low

Hi HankF:

Unfortunately we do not have a diagram of the Silver Spur shift mechanism. Hopefully that will change in the future.

All I can surmise about the slotted head just spinning is it's stripped out, was previously peened on the other end, or there is some kind of clip or cotter pin holding it back.

You're being smart not to pry it out. I suggest either getting a service manual with an exploded view, check with Rolls parts for an exploded view, or check with an RR technician who is real familiar with the assembly.

Hope that helps.
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