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Water pump belt repair

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Water pump belt repair

So I own a 94 mercury tracer 1.8 liter, I'm having the damndest time trying to keep my water pump belt intact and changing it out.  How do I change the belt and why do I have to keep replacing them every year? What is the length of time a belt should last or be changed? Thanks



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Re: Water pump belt repair

Hi TracerChick85:

I don't have the greatest diagram on the belt routing, but it looks like it's going from the crankshaft pulley, to the water pump and alternator pulleys. And typically you have to loosen up the alternator in order to replace and adjust the belt.

A belt only lasting a year tells us there's something wrong. Most of the time one or more of the pulleys the belt is riding on are either damaged, or not lined correctly with the others.

The abnormal wear pattern on the belt can often point towards the cause of the premature failure.

You definitely want to diagnose and fix the problem before going through another belt.
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