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Brakes dragging

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Brakes dragging

I changed my rear brake pads on my 2003 Toyota Highlander,  the drivers side was really wore down to nothing.  2 months later the drives side was wore down to bare metal again.  I assumed the brake caliper was not releasing and causing the problem.  I just installed a new rotor, pads and caliper.  I am sill getting a dragging / grinding noise  coming from that wheel and when I took the tire off, the rotor was real hot, the other side wasn’t at all.  What would be causing this?



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Re: Brakes dragging

Hi justplaiolsteve:

It could be the brake hose leading to that caliper causing a brake drag. Sometimes hoses collapse inside and act as a one-way check valve which keeps pressure applied to the caliper with your foot off the brake. If it's difficult to turn the wheel at that caliper, open the bleeder screw. If it releases the pressure and the wheel now turns freely, it's the hose.
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