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92 Corsica

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92 Corsica

I have a 92 Corsica it has a 3.1 engine. It idle's rough.I put new plugs and wires on, that didn't do any good. Can you tell what my problem is.



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Re: 92 Corsica

Hey amp88fan:

Does the engine only idle rough, or is it a misfire and also runs bad at higher engine speeds (while accelerating)?

A rough idle could be caused by a large vacuum leak. Listen for any hissing noise. If you hear it, try and follow the hiss and look for damaged vacuum lines, or anything else, causing the leak.

If it's a misfire, you have to do a power balance test to determine which cylinder is not firing, and then determine if you're missing spark (coils, wires, plugs), or fuel (injectors, PCM, etc).

The problem can be a bunch of other stuff also. If this sounds like a bit much for your skill level, get it to a technician. Don't try changing parts.
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