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Classifieds Forum Guidelines

Classifieds Forum: Buying, selling or trading automotive products -- including vehicles, auto parts, tools, services, etc. Each Classifieds Forum is listed under a specific manufacturer in order to group the products accordingly. DO NOT post advertisements in a Specific Model Forum. Advertisements for all vehicle models and related products belong in the Classifieds Forum.

Example: If you would like to sell your car (or wheels that fit your car), go to your car's manufacturer forums and post a topic in the Classifieds, NOT the forum for your specific model.

Note: You may Upload Images and add them to a post as part of a product advertisement. The limit is 3 images per topic in order to reduce page load. If the option is abused it will be removed.

Inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated in any forum.
Members are obligated to follow all Forum Rules.

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