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No Rear Brakes

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No Rear Brakes

Have a 2000 mustang 6cyl I have no rear breaks there is no brake fluid getting to either side I tried to bleed them totally took out bleeder one side at a time and no brake fluid would leaked at all . Bled front breaks yet when applying brake pedal goes to floor car will stop but have to pump them. Where should I start to diagnose and troubleshoot problem step by step to go thru any help appreciated basic hands on automotive experience from manuals and hands on



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Re: No Rear Brakes

It sounds like your proportioning valve needs to be reset. The proportioning valve reduces the brake pressure to the rear wheels to prevent the rear wheels from locking up when braking. If you push the brake pedal too far it will push the valve to one side usually putting the brake light on. You can reset the valve following this procedure.

Locate the brake proportioning valve near the rear brake line. It will have one or two buttons located on it.

Push the reset button located on the valve with your fingers (the reset button is usually the one with the rubber cap) this will reset it so the valve is working properly again.
Inspect the brake pressure.

Once this is done you can bleed the rear brakes and fluid should start to flow to the rear brakes.
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