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2000 chevy silverado air conditioning

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2000 chevy silverado air conditioning

Hello, I have a issue with my air conditioning. it works for a while and then it quits. when it quits the idle revs up and stays up , not too high but it is noticeable. so, I did the Freon test. it was good. I have power to the pressure switches , and when I jump the switch the clutch kicks on and tests on testlight good. so, I have tracked it down to the relay. did the jump tests. I have volts to all except the 30 terminal on the ac relay. any idea if this is the problem or is the compressor failing. any help would be great. Thanks.

Freon level is at factory specs.
pressure switches tested fine. jumped and fine.
relay tested fine. terminal 30 has no power, when jumped the clutch does not engage. starting to think its the ac clutch.

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Re: 2000 chevy silverado air conditioning

Terminal 30 is power from the A/C 10 amp fuse. Terminal 85 is the ground from the PCM.

Check the fuse and check the ground from the PCM. Ground terminal 85 with the relay connected to see if the clutch engages, you need 12 volts at terminal 30 when you ground terminal 85 for clutch engagement.

Try these suggestions and get back to me when you can. We can diagnosis the problem further if needed.

I will send you the schematic for the A/C compressor clutch circuit. It is below.

Schematic supplied by Alldata Automotive Website.
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