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Stuck in Limp mode

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Stuck in Limp mode

Son rear ended another car and blew off both airbags and broke headlights, radiator support, hood, windshield and of course radiator. Drove car home about 5 blocks. We have put everything back together and had crash data reset. Have not connected new airbags but have them installed and dash put back together. Vehicle runs fine for a very short time then seems to go into what I would call limp mode with error message about check coolant. We have made sure that coolant level is full and vehicle does not overheat according to the gauge. Replaced tank sensor and no change. Vehicle has under 120,000. Engine was not hit except for radiator and support and of course dashboard was a disaster. Any help would be appreciated.  2002 Cadillac DTS



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Re: Stuck in Limp mode

What code is stored in the computer? If there more codes stored in the computer I would need them to help you.

When you say limp mode that is a condition where a sensor fails and the vehicles computer tries to protect the power train by affecting engine performance or putting the transmission in a limp mode which is locking the transmission in 2nd or 3rd gear, this depends on the computer logic programmed into the system.

Explain limp mode, is it lack of engine performance or is the car going into limp mode at the transmission and not shifting?

The vehicle was in an accident so you might need to go over your work and check your wire harness to make sure there aren't any broken, grounded or open wires that could cause this issue. Also check all sensors related to the code stored to make sure it is operating properly.
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