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2012 Volvo S60 auto trans rolls back when stopped on a hill.

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2012 Volvo S60 auto trans rolls back when stopped on a hill.

Found 2 issues while checking out a clean 1 owner S60 I want to buy.

After extensive examination by me, we took the 5cyl auto trans T5 S60 to a local repair shop. They ran a long computer diagnostic and found nothing and verified the car's computer was not reset. Next, it was put up in the air and suspension, engine, trans examined, and everything I couldn't check on the ground was fine. The car is super clean and has many maintenance records, there is nothing suspicious. Yet on the way back, stopping a few times on steep hills, the car rolled back as I took my foot off the brake and was moving to the accelerator to move forward. It was as if it was a stick. I don't know if it would have kept going because instinctively I hit the brakes. Sometimes it didn't happen.

I've never experienced an automatic acting this way. Researching this, some people have various explanations for it, including HSA, but I think they are guessing. I called a trans mechanic that I know that is very good, but he doesn't touch Volvos and had no information.

All automatics I've ever driven can hold themselves on an incline w/no braking. Can this be normal on this car? If the computer shows no issue, like a low idle or bad trans sensors, what can the problem be?

The mouth of the dipstick tube where the plastic handle sits had some surface rust and the top of the dipstick may have had a touch of rust too. The oil is due for a change. Condensation? Anything serious?

Should I hesitate to buy what is an otherwise very clean S60?

Thanks guys!

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Re: 2012 Volvo S60 auto trans rolls back when stopped on a hill.

The research I have done on this issue tells me that this is a normal condition depending on the incline of the hill. The more of an incline the more gravity will want to push the vehicle down the hill.

You may have to get used to using the brake and the gas at the same time on steep hills. It will take a little getting used to but it is the only way to take care of this issue. In other words this would be a normal condition on any car on a steep hill.

If you like the car and it has all the service records and the mechanic said it was a clean car then this would be a no brainer.

There is one particular procedure you could look into, there is an update on the transmission software that could have something to do with this but I am not sure. That would be something to ask a Volvo mechanic if the update well benefit
you on this condition.
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