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Sierra 250hd 4x4 locked in 4lo

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Sierra 250hd 4x4 locked in 4lo

This truck has 300,000 + miles and was having trouble going into 4 lo. I read manual and put it into neutral and then into 4 lo only to have it lock in 4 lo. I have attempted all the rolling and reverse tricks and will not go into 4 hi or any other transfer case gear. The switching motor sounds like it is attempting to move with no results...



# 2  9/29/2017 1:53 PM

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Re: Sierra 250hd 4x4 locked in 4lo

The truck needs to detect neutral and is required for shifts in and out of low range. Put into 4 wheel high then go through the the shift sequence P-R-N-D-N-R-P, repeat this a few times and see what happens. It may take many tries at this procedure.

If this doesn't work then at 300,000 miles I would have the switching motor checked out. It could just be to weak to push it back into 4 wheel high.
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