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Enough to haul travel trailer?

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Enough to haul travel trailer?

I'm a 64 year old single female so be gentle! LOL. Just bought a 2014 Expedition Limited EL with 56,000 miles. It's got FlexFuel, if that matters. 5.4L, V8, gas, heavy tow package (16). I want to pull a travel trailer that is 5,300 lbs dry weight (not loaded with stuff). This Expedition rated to haul over 9,000lbs if I'm reading it all correctly. Rig SHOULD be good per specs, but I'm at a local campground for my maiden voyage and all the other rigs are a lot bigger. So are their trailers, but I'm still concerned I don't have enough. Don't want to burn out my rig cuz I didn't get it big enough. What do I do? Are all these bigger rigs a "guy thing", bigger is more macho? Or do I really need to upgrade?



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Re: Enough to haul travel trailer?

These are the specs I found on your vehicle from Ford. The website is…_Sep11.pdf
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