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kia sedona 09 LX

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gino roustie
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kia sedona 09 LX

It is very wiered problem I never expeirance before ...

Ok, everything was normal ,, I just bought this car about two weeks ago ...... now when I use the remote control to unlock the car unlocked all doors except the driver door ...... so I have to use the key to unlock it !!!!!

The driver door  master  switch  does not work  for other windows or the other locks only work for the driver door window?

Meaning it does not control other windows in the car or locks ....

It is very devesdating problem ? Any sugestions to how I can fix it ...or I should go back to the dealer so he can take care of it ,, or I report him ,,,,or return the car ????????Let me know please...

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# 2  9/19/2017 3:15 PM

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Re: kia sedona 09 LX

If you bought the vehicle at the dealer two weeks ago you should have a warranty, I would take it back to them and let them fix it. If the vehicle was inspected before delivery the problem should of been seen by the mechanic doing the inspection.
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