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Left High Beam Doesn't Turn On

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Left High Beam Doesn't Turn On

I recently purchased my 2002 Ford Explorer Limited and my left high beam will not turn on. So I purchased new bulbs and the left high beam still will not turn on. Then I checked the blue 20amp Bussman female maxi fuse at F1 19 via the see thru plastic cap and the fuse is fine. So I pulled the fuse, checked the 2 flat contact points in the fuse box with my circuit tester with the engine on and grounded to my battery. Only one contact point made my tester light up. How do I fix this problem and did I test it correctly?



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Re: Left High Beam Doesn't Turn On

When you checked the terminals in the fuse panel you should only have power on one side, the fuse connects the two sides and protects the circuit from overload.

If the one high beam works then check your wiring on the other bulb.

With the head light on and in high beam pull the plug on the high beam bulb that doesn't work and see if you have voltage there. If you do check the ground wire for a good connection or broken wire. If you don't have power then check for a wiring problem. I sent you a wire schematic below.
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