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No key light on

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# 1  5/20/2017 8:13 PM

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No key light on

Ive got a 1999 jeep grand cherokee that the no key light is on after the car sits for like over night it will start and run. Then it will go back to starting and shuting down any help? Please don't say go to the dealer. Thank you for any help.



# 2  5/26/2017 1:17 AM

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Re: No key light on

The light is coming on because the security system doesn't recognize the key or is having other issues. Try using a spare key if you have one and see if it fixes your problem.

If it doesn't fix the problem then try going to a certified mechanic or shop and have them scan your vehicle for any trouble codes related to the security system. 

If they charge too much for the scan then Autozone may be able to scan the system for the codes.

Once we have a trouble code then we can diagnosis the problem further.
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