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rear disk brake humming noise

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john s
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rear disk brake humming noise

I preformed a rear brake job on a 2006 honda crv with rear disk brakes. two wheel drive.  I installed new wagner ceramic rear pads and had the rotors turned at a local auto parts store. The vehicle has 110,000 miles. The finish cut on the rotors was not as smooth as i would have liked it to be. I used a wizzer wheel to attempt to smooth out the machining. The rear brakes make a humming noise out of the rear when stopping now they did not prior to the brake job. I even lubricated all of the moving parts prior to put it back together. Could the rotors have hot spots or the poor finish cause this noise. Should I purchase new rotors and install them please advise thanks John



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Re: rear disk brake humming noise

If you got a bad rotor cut then the brakes will make noise when braking.

Rotors are cheap these days, sometimes they cost almost as much and the price of machining the rotor.

When you cut the rotors they get thinner so if you have the auto parts store cut the rotors again the rotor could be out of specs as of thickness. Buying a new rotor can solve some of your problems.
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