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truck will crank but no spark

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# 1  12/2/2016 2:30 AM

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truck will crank but no spark

I have a 1991 S-10 4cyl 5spd. Engine will crank. I have replaced everything I can think of. Battery, distributor, distributor cap, rotor button, ignition module, coil, ecm, plugs and wires. Normal test from #1 wire and a trusty screwdriver and I get fire when I power on but absolutely nothing while cranking. I'm at my witts end. Somebody please give me an idea of what else it could be.



# 2  12/2/2016 11:37 AM

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Re: truck will crank but no spark

The ways you are explaining are you replaced all of the ignition parts and have no spark while cranking. Did you check to see if the distributor is turning while cranking? If it doesn’t turn you won't get any spark to the other cylinders.

Take the distributor cap off and have someone crank the engine and look at the distributor rotor and see if it is turning.

Possible causes could be a broken distributor gear or a cam gear that is broken.

Get back to me with your results we can diagnosis the problem further if needed.
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