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Car had trouble starting idles high in drive

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Car had trouble starting idles high in drive

I recently bought a used 2000 Kia Spectra Gsx hatchback with 1447xx miles. It was basically the best car I could find within my budget. My only car of 9 years,  a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville, finally broke down to the point where I couldn't afford to fix him.  But I digress... When I bought the Kia the passenger side windows didn't work and it idled high in drive. I've only had the car for maybe 2 weeks. And since then the driver side windows and speakers work when they want to. But more often than not for now. And this morning before work it acted like it didn't want to start. I thought it did it two times prior but wasn't sure. This morning there was no doubt. However, it did start up on the first try. I have not yet been able to change the fluids, filters, spark plugs, wires and fuses like I want to. Kind of just wanting a heads up of what it could be and perhaps a recommendation of what to do first. Any information is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Car had trouble starting idles high in drive

I'm not sure about the starting, is it that it won't start or it won't start because of a dead battery?

The high idle could be normal when cold. Does the idle go to normal when warm?

With that amount of miles I'm sure a good tune up and throttle body maintenance (removing the carbon from the throttle plate) and check all sensor values should be done by a certified mechanic to make sure all is well.

I know money is tight but sometimes when you go in for a service and have the mechanic check things out (usually an hours labor) is cheaper by finding the problem then changing parts on your own and still having the same problems, then you still have to fix the original problem which costs more money.

The radio and window problems could be just loose connections or poor grounds. 

I don't know if you have any maintenance  records when you bought the car but at that mileage the timing belt should be changed if it wasn't done yet. It is a maintenance item that is usually changed every 100,000 miles.
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