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Reset O2 Sensors

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Reset O2 Sensors

changed o2 sensors and reset the computer but O2 codes keep coming back?



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Re: Reset O2 Sensors

In most cases you have four O2 sensors. You have an up stream sensor (before the catalytic converter), and a down stream sensor (after the catalytic converter). If you have a V6 or V8 you have two sensor on each side upstream and two down stream. The question is which one is bad and which one did you change.

The manual lists them as:

Bank 1 sensor 1 which is the side of the engine where the number one cylinder is and is before the catalytic converter.

Bank 1 sensor 2 is the same side but is after the converter.

Bank 2 sensor1 is the other side of the engine before the converter.

Bank 2 sensor 2 is after the converter on that same side.

Check the code again and let me know what the code is for the sensor and which one you replaced.

I also need more information on the vehicle like the year, model, size of the engine and any other information that can help me diagnosis this for you.
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