Buick Park Avenue:

Instrument panel, prnd123, odometer doesn't work.

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Instrument panel, prnd123, odometer doesn't work.

On my 1997 Buick park avenue instrument panel is dead.car starts and runs just fine. Fuel gauge is stuck at 3/8 and temp gauge is stuck at normal. Everything else is dead. Electronic readout is dead as well. What can I do or need to replace?



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Re: Instrument panel, prnd123, odometer doesn't work.

A scan tool should be used for proper diagnosis but you can check some fuses first.

Check the IP 1 (10 AMP) fuse it should have voltage at all times and the IGN 3 (10AMP) fuse which should have voltage with the key in the run position. The fuses can be found in the right rear power distribution center fuse block 1.

Check your owner's manual for the location of the panels there are more than one.

If a repair is needed on the instrument panel you can go the your local dealer to have it sent out for repair if needed.

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