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Truck won't cut off after turning ignition off

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Truck won't cut off after turning ignition off

1999 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 2 door.  Truck won't cut off after I have driven in my driveway. Put in park and turned ignition off I found that I can barely press down on emergency brake and then truck shuts off really weird. When I get back in the truck I start it up with the key then I release emergency brake then drive. Can anyone help me with this issue.



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Re: Truck won't cut off after turning ignition off

Check all of your fuses because sometimes when a fuse blows it could affect another circuit by allowing a feed back from another fuse circuit to complete the ground path.

Pay attention to all of the fuses related to the lights and brakes but check all of the fuses to be sure. Also check your body grounds for proper connections. I am supplying the wiring schematics below.

This could be a tricky problem to fix you may need a professional mechanic or the dealership to repair this one. The dealership may have experienced this problem before so they may be more familiar with the problem and repair.

Images  and some information supplied by Alldata information website.
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Re: Truck won't cut off after turning ignition off

The parking brake switch has an input to the Daytime Running Lamp control module. But this just allows you to keep the Day Time Running Lights off, by applying the parking brake before turning the ignition "On". It shouldn't have an effect on the ignition circuit.

First question: Are the warning indicators on the instrument panel On when you turn the ignition Off? If so, it's something keeping voltage applied to the entire ignition circuit, when it shouldn't be.

Question 2: Take a look under the driver's dash. Are there any aftermarket accessories wired in? Add-on alarm systems are notorious for causing abnormal ignition problems. At the dealership we often tell the customer we have to remove the entire system before we go any further with diagnosis.
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