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Dodge Dakota Soaked floor board

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Dodge Dakota Soaked floor board

Found the passenger side floor board soaked (dried out and re-occurring). This was is under the floor mat. The top of the carpet is dry and there does not seem to be a obvious source of the water under the dash. It has not rained in two months. I am using the A/C as it is 100 degrees outside. Used the truck one day with A/C and vacuumed out at least two cups of water. What could be causing this? 2011 Dodge Dakota



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Re: Dodge Dakota Soaked floor board

There are many places water can come into a vehicle, but the key phrase in your question is that there hasn't been any rain in two months and the rug is still wet.

The problem may be in the area of the air condition evaporator case at the passenger compartment where the gasket on the case becomes faulty and can leak inside the truck.

Check the right side for leaks when the A/C is on and also inspect the drain hose from the case to make sure the drain hose is not clogged or is being blocked by any body part under the hood. The water can also travel under the drain hose under the hood and into the passenger side of the truck through the faulty gasket.
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