Chevrolet Aveo:

Engine surges , shakes and cuts off. What can be the cause?

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Engine surges , shakes and cuts off. What can be the cause?

2006 Chevrolet Aveo, Have had TPS and several other sensors replace also had plugs and wires replaced. Car continues to idle up and loose power. Help!



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Re: Engine surges , shakes and cuts off. What can be the cause?

There are a service bulletins on your vehicle related to engine loss of power.

The first is TECHNICAL SERVICE  BULLETIN No.:  08-06-04-007B

Date:  June 10, 2009

Subject:  EI08029 - Engine Control Module (ECM) Replacement, Reprogramming, MIL/SES and/or DTC Set, Drivability Concerns, Reduced Engine Power or Poor Performance (Diagnose/Replace ECM)

2006-2008 Chevrolet Aveo
2006-2008 Pontiac Wave (Canada Only)
with Engine RPO L91

Condition: Some customers may comment on an illumination of the MIL/SES or various drivability concerns with one or more of the following symptoms:

- Reduced Engine Power 
- Rough Idle
- Poor Performance, etc.

Upon further investigation, the technician may find more than one related ECM DTC stored in the module.

Cause: This condition may be caused by a concern with ECM's that contain a date code between 5278 and 6063. Also, internal fault diagnostic codes or drivability concerns may be caused by factors external to the ECM.

The mechanic may install a device called a data recorder and you will receive instructions on how to use it. When the condition is happening you would be required to push a button to start the recording of engine data. You would then return to the dealer and the mechanic will remove the device so he can review the data for any abnormalities.

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