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04 Grand Marquis won't turn over (sometimes)

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04 Grand Marquis won't turn over (sometimes)

My 04 Mercury Grand Marquis with 62,000 miles lately has giving me the following issue: in a couple of instances, when I go to start it nothing happens, turn the ignition, all the panel lights come up, IT WONT TURN OVER!  Not even a clicking sound, nothing!
I naturally panicked, kept on trying for a while, and then finally started!
I read somewhere that it was the Ignition lock cylinder fault. I replaced it, however, when I did that, the same thing happened, no ignition, and on top of that the battery was drained!
That car has been in our family since new, and it is well-maintained and low mileages for her age. I like to keep it the same way.
Can you help?



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Re: 04 Grand Marquis won't turn over (sometimes)

Start with the basics. When it's not cranking over, check if there's 12 volts at the activation terminal of the starter with the ignition in the start position. If there is, and all positive and negative cables are OK, you need a starter. If not, you have to trace back the open in the start circuit.
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