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Ford F150 4x4 won't disengage

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Ford F150 4x4 won't disengage

Hey my 4x4 wasn't working for the past couple months the dash lights come on when I turn the truck on but then they go off I have a Ford F150 2007 no matter if I'm in park or neutral the 4x4 wont engage in high or low when i switch even if i back up. i checked all the fuses. there's no clicking noise when i try to engage it, there's nothing at all that happens and there's a vacuum leak but I put the truck switch to 4 HI then drove to work after about 25 minutes the truck engaged to 4 hi i don't know if it was a bump that caused that or what but now I cant get the truck out of 4 HI I've tried in neutral and park and I've backed up for more than 300 yards even if the switch is on 2 HI the dash light for 4 HI stays on and the truck is in 4 HI. How do I disengage that?

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Re: Ford F150 4x4 won't disengage

If there is a vacuum leak in the hose of the 4WD system; that must be fixed first. The vacuum helps shift from 4 wheel drive HI and LOW and to 2 wheel drive.

Check the mode indication switch and the Transfer case shift motor for proper operation. Check wire connectors to the transmission for loose or corroded wire connectors. Check body grounds to the engine and transmission for good clean tight connections.

See if you can get someone to put a scanner on the truck to see what code is stored in the trucks computer. That is a big help that can lead us to the location of the problem.

When you can get back to me with your results that would be great. We can diagnosis the problem further if needed.
If you need more help try to give me as much detailed information as you can so I can help you better.
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