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cruise control switch on turn signal stalk

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cruise control switch on turn signal stalk

How do I remove the turn signal/cruise control switch stalk to replace it? The cruise control switch is bad and needs to be replaced.  My understanding is that this is replaced as a complete unit but I have not been able to find any information on how to R&R it.  My service manual does not address this issue either.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Re: cruise control switch on turn signal stalk

This is on a 1990 Dodge Ram LE 150 with a tilt steering wheel.  VIN# 1B7GE16Y7LS759854.  ALLDATADIY also did not contain R&R info that I could find.



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Re: cruise control switch on turn signal stalk

1.    Disconnect battery ground cable.

2.    Remove lower bezel from instrument panel.

3.    Remove horn sounder and steering wheel.

4.    Remove wiring trough from underside of steering column by prying out retainer buttons.

5.    On standard columns position gearshift to its full clock wise position. On tilt columns, position at mid-point.

6.    On all models disconnect turn signal switch electrical connectors. If you tie a thin wire to the signal switch plug on the harness of the switch you can gently pull the plug through the steering column. When it is pulled out disconnect the wire from the plug and attach the wire to the new plug. Use the wire to pull the harness through the column. This is a very helpful way to get the new harness through column with the least amount of stress.

7.    On tilt steering wheels proceed as follows:

8.    Depress lock plate using tool C-4156 or equivalent then pry retaining ring out of groove.

9.    The retaining clip is difficult to remove so depress the lock plate with the tool a little and try to pry the clip off the shaft. Two small screw drivers are the best help.

10.    Remove lock plate, cancelling cam and upper bearing spring, then place turn signal lever in right turn position.

11.    Remove screw attaching link between turn signal switch and wiper/washer switch pivot then the lever.

12.    Remove hazard warning switch knob attaching screw, then the turn signal switch attaching screws.

13.    Wrap a piece of tape around the connector and wire to prevent snagging during switch removal, remove turn signal/hazard warning switch assembly by pulling switch up from column while straightening and guiding wires up through column opening.

On all models reverse procedure to install.

This is a picture of the locking plate compression tool. Picture provided by Alldata information website under Turn Signal/ Hazard Warning Switch.
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