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A/C Sitch on dashboard not turning on compressor

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A/C Sitch on dashboard not turning on compressor

When fixing the air condition system on the 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3L, i bridged the fuse box to get the compressor on. The compressor now comes on from bridging the fuse box, but I cannot get the compressor to turn on by the a/c switch on the dashboard.  The a/c switch on the dashboard lights up, but the compressor does not come on. How can I fix the problem?



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Re: A/C Sitch on dashboard not turning on compressor

When you use a jumper wire to make the compressor come on does the A/C system get cold? The reason I am asking is you can jump the compressor to engage even though the system is low or empty of Freon.

There are a lot of reasons the compressor won't turn on; there are pressure switches, relays, fuses, control modules and the PCM that all work together to make the system work. The A/C system also needs to be fully charged with R134a Freon to work properly.

I am giving you a schematic of the compressor electrical circuit I got from the Alldata automotive information website to help you locate the problem.

If you need help get back to me and we can go over your results to diagnosis the problem further.
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