windshield washer

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windshield washer

reservoir is full just stopped spraying. Motor works. 08 with 30,000 mi



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Re: windshield washer

There is a service bulletin on this condition related to your car. I have listed the important areas below.

A buildup of excess manufacturing-related materials on the windshield washer pump strainer. This primarily occurs on lower mileage vehicles.

A buildup of an organic "algae-like" substance on the windshield washer pump strainer. The algae like substance is typically caused by using only tap water in the washer fluid tank or using tap water with a diluted windshield washer concentrate mix.

Explain to the customer the benefits of only filling the windshield washer fluid tank with the appropriate "mixture," because the root cause of the algae is caused by using tap water, especially in areas with warmer temperatures.

Instead of tap water, use distilled water with the concentrate in order to avoid this issue from occurring again.

If algae have been shown to cause the failure of the washer pump, this is not considered a warranty matter. All replaced pumps and strainers will be inspected and tested (almost 50% of pumps have been shown to be working properly and did not need to be replaced).

The windshield washer pump strainer is damaged because "incorrect type" of cleaning fluid use or one which contains an excessive and incorrect amount of washer fluid concentrates. This is not considered a warranty matter.

Note: Attempting to use the windshield washers when the washer fluid reservoir is empty or when the strainer is clogged will damage the washer pump.


1. Remove the washer fluid pump per ISTA Repair Instruction and inspect the strainer.

2. Any remaining fluid in the washer fluid reservoir must be drained and properly discarded. Clean the reservoir tank as necessary.

3. Replace the strainer, which is installed on the intake side of the pump, as required.

4. Do not replace the washer pump, reservoir tank or windshield nozzles, provided they are still functioning properly. The washer pump can be tested just by activating the pump.

5. Refill the washer fluid reservoir with the allowable ratio of approved BMW Windshield Washer Concentrate and water (not tap water: recommended distilled water).

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