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Car jerks when you get 10mph as you stop it kills motor

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Car jerks when you get 10mph as you stop it kills motor

1984 Buick Skyhawk 1.8 l TBI auto trans 3 speed
Car jerks as you are breaking at about 10 mph when you get slower it kills the engine. Will start right back up but as soon as you put it in gear it kills the engine again. To get the car moving you have to rev up the motor and drop it in gear. It runs fine until you stop.



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Re: Car jerks when you get 10mph as you stop it kills motor

There is an electrical connector on the transmission, the wires in it connect to the lock up solenoid and pressure switches, disconnect it and then test drive the car and see if it stalls.

If it doesn't stall then the problem is the lock up solenoid will not release the torque converter clutch and the car will stall. It is like a standard transmission car trying to stop with out pressing in the clutch.

You will have to check the converter lock up solenoid operation and may need to replace solenoid.

Disconnecting the plug on the transmission stops the electrical connection of the lock up solenoid so it will not engage. With the plug disconnected the stalling should stop.

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