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2002 Lincoln Continental  -  4.6L SFI DOCH 8 cyl.

I have a new radiator - new water pump and new thermostat.

The car continues to overheat - lower hose stays cool - I have purged it and just about everything else people have suggested.

It doesn't usually overheat while idling but as soon as I try to drive it - it will overheat again.



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Re: Overheating

Try jacking up the front of the car and put on jack stands or use car ramps. Take the radiator cap off (when cold) and run the engine at idle. Keep a close eye on the coolant level and top it off as the engine is running. Do this until the coolant level stabilizes. Replace the radiator cap and test drive.

The engine usually sits a bit higher than the radiator and has trouble getting the air out. Raising the front of the car forces the air into the radiator and is able to escape. You may have to repeat this procedure again.

Let me know how you make out.
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