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oil high pressure warning light

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oil high pressure warning light

Looking to purchase a 1999,  320 m class. Mercedes Benz
Test drove, oil high pressure light came on for 10 to 15, after car seconds after car heated up,
then went out.
Has 140,000 miles on vehicle.
Is this a possible big deal.
Vehicle runs beautiful, but I would hate to have a $5,000 into a ($3,500 purchase price)
repair bill , more than price of car.
Never heard of a high pressure oil light.
Any insight would be appreciated.
Thank you David



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Re: oil high pressure warning light

Take the car to a mechanic you can trust or one that knows Mercedes Benz and have him inspect the car for you. There may be a service charge to do this but he can tell you if anything is wrong and recommend to you if the car is a good deal or not.

You said the high oil pressure or oil level light came on? There are a few service bulletins on this issue for high oil level light coming on that are usually a bad sensor. Check the oil level before you start the car when the light comes on wait for it to go out. When the light is out; check the oil again and compare the two readings. If it is the same level then the sensor would usually need to be replaced. If the oil level is high at the start then have the mechanics check it out according to the service bulletins.

If it is oil pressure light the mechanic can put an oil pressure gage on the engine and compare the reading to the factory specs to determine if there is an issue with the engine oil pressure.

Have him also check the oil condition through the valve cover filler cap. There are service bulletins on engine slugging. Ask the owner for the service records to identify frequent service intervals for oil changes and repairs.
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