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94 jimmy stalling while driving and at idle.

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94 jimmy stalling while driving and at idle.

I have a 94 jimmy 4.3L vortex. Problem: In morning truck starts good I drive to work 5 miles, as I pull in to job not everyday but it will stall out and start fine to park. After work truck starts fine I able to drive 2 miles sometimes more then it stumbles and stalls now if I'm coasting I can put in neutral and it starts right up put it in drive for a few minutes then stalls again, do everything again and it happens again sometime it will stay running long enough to make it home and stall in drive way (stalls about 5-8 times). If I at a full stop its harder for me to get back started. Things I have done to vehicle: new battery, new alternator, new fuel pump, new fuel filter. After replacing pump and filter it still stalled sat on side of road half hour till it started stalled immediately sat another 20 minutes then was able to drive stall coast restart stall restart and get home. After getting home let it idle in driveway half hour and no stalling. Removed hose from PCV and idle picked up, removed Pcv checked so see if valve was opening and good by sucking on it and shaking it. Don't have a fuel pressure gage but I bleed off pressure at check point and turned key on and pressure was again built. I'm stuck don't know what else it could be please help. It is OBD 1(no scanner) and strapped for cash.



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Re: 94 jimmy stalling while driving and at idle.

To properly diagnosis the problem we would need to know the fuel pressure and if there is spark at the spark plugs at the time of the stall.

Knowing if there are any trouble codes is helpful. If money is tight you can go to any Autozone auto parts store and they should be able to check for trouble codes with a scanner at no charge. Repair any trouble codes that may come up.

One common repair is the crank sensor; when it is faulty it can cause an engine to stall and hard to start. Check for spark at the spark plugs when it won't start. If you don't have a spark then you will have to diagnosis the ignition system which includes the crank sensor, ignition switch, ignition control module and coil.

If you do have a spark at the spark plugs then diagnosis the fuel system. Fuel pressure is the first test for a stalling problem.

This is hard to diagnosis because it doesn't give you enough time to check it out because the motor starts up quickly as you say so that is why we need to know the fuel pressure, spark and if there any trouble codes before we can go on.

It might be worth the trouble shooting fee at the local repair shop or dealership to have the truck properly diagnosed; then you do the repair. This can save you money in the long run.
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