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Problems with my truck while driving

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Problems with my truck while driving

Ok it's kinda hard to explain but my truck starts as soon as I turn the key no problem there.
The problem is after driving around for a bit I feel my truck kind of jerks. Then the next time I come to a complete stop I go to take off again and my truck starts sputtering and barley moves with the gas pedal pushed all the way down. The weird part is if I drop it down to first it doesn't sputter as bad and I just shift all the way back to D.
The other weird part is if I pull over turn off the truck wait about 5 min I can start it back up and it runs just fine no sputtering and it takes off right. Any idea of what is causing this because I'm stumped.

It's a Chevy 1500 4x4 1999
V8 5.3



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Re: Problems with my truck while driving

The scan tool can help with diagnostic trouble codes which should be done first. It can also monitor sensors like the TPS (throttle position sensor), coolant sensor, mass air flow sensor and so on. If a sensor is faulty the scan tool will help the mechanic locate the problem and perform the proper repair.

The other area to check is the fuel system. The issue you are having could be related to a clogged fuel filter, fuel pump and pressure regulator. A fuel pressure test should be performed to determine if the fuel pressure is at factory specs. The factory specs for the fuel system is with the key on and engine off should be between 55 to 62 PSI.

If you have a throttle cable attached to the throttle valve then the throttle plate should be cleaned of all carbon around and behind the throttle plate. This can be done with a throttle plate cleaner and a rag and just spray the valve and wipe the carbon off around and behind the plate. You may also may need an IAC valve (idle control valve). This can be determined with a scan tool monitoring the valves position and idle speed.

Checking the ignition system is the next step. Inspect the spark plugs, wires and coils, crank sensor and cam sensors for proper operation.

Try these few suggestions and get back to me when you can. We can diagnosis the problem further if needed.
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